Magnetizing coils

A custom-made suit for your magnet system!

    The construction of a customized magnetization coil is always involving a detailed magnetic and thermal design. Just send us a drawing (.dwg / .dxf / .step) of your magnet system including specification of your magnet material and the desired cycle time and we will prepare an customized offer for you.

    We  provide more than 19 years experience in design and construction of unique magnetizing coils close to the physical borders with a very high reliability, due to our cooling concepts.

    Main goals of our coil layouts:

    • Magnetization result
    • Long life time
    • Flexible integration

    Such standards are available for:


    straight poles / skewed poles
    high number of poles / precise pole positions

    We build:

    • Iron coils for big poles
    • Air coils for small poles and axial rotors
    • Air cooled / water cooled

    We optimize:

    • Minimum cogging by skewed magnetization
    • Minimum cogging by shaping of the field on magnet surface
    • Minimum pole transition


    axial coils / radial coils


    axial coils


    multi pole / axial coils

    Single magnets

    axial coils / radial coils