The right pulse

With many years of experience we develop tailor-made solutions as a reliable a partner for our customers. Our international service and our ISO 9001 certification ensures cost-optimized production and high quality and safety standard.




For our well known customers we are building magnetizers since more than 19 years. 

Use our uncompromising design for your safety.

Our Magnetizers are specifically

  • safe
  • easy to use
  • scalable and modular

Magnetizing coils

With deep knowledge and long experience we built up a hugh set of 
Magnetizing Coils

Due to continuous new developments we extend not only our abilities, also yours.

We stand for:

  • Powerful solutions
  • Energysaving designs
  • Robustnes and precision

Measurement technologies

In addition to our magnetization technology, M-Pulse also offers you hard magnetic measurement technologies, such as our rotor scan system.
This is available as a laboratory version or for 100% inspection as line integration.

High quality

for example through efficient cooperation based on ISO 9001

High precision

High requirements for precise measurement and display of pulses up to 5kHz​​​​​​​

High security

Use of high-quality components and mature, proven technology.