M-Pulse Magnetizer

The advantages of our technologies are ...

  • a modular controlling system
  • innovative and specic adaptations to the customers requirement
  • a compact, solid and reliable construction
  • the exclusive use of high quality European components
  • the optimal integration into a production line (PLC interfaces) or use as a stand-alone solution

Safety features:

  • Triple redundant voltage measurement
  • Evaluation of magnetizing current
  • Check of coil resistance
  • Over temperature detection of coil and magnetizer
  • Internal safety discharge in case of: Power off, Open door, Emergency stop



Siemens S7-Series, others possible

Pulse shapes

Sine halfwafe used for magnetization of non conductive assemblies

Exponential damped used for magnetization of conductive assemblies

Ringing - Used for demagnetization


700 / 1000 / 2000 / 2700 / 4000 V

Magnetizing current

>15 / >25 / >50 / >100 kA

Current rise

<2000A/μs, <1000A/μs, <500A/μs

High current output impendance

1m - 2mΩ

500nH .. 2μH dependant on Energy

High current output

1 – any

Selectable charging power

300W, 600W, 1000W, 2000W, 3000W, …


Digital I/O (24 V),

2-channel emergency stop,

Profibus DP-Slave / ProfiNET IO / Other …

Calibration Maschines

Bring it to the right level!

With the usage of precise meters (Gaussmeter or Fluxmeter) and a modified software our impulse magnetizers are expandable for magnetic calibrations

  • no additional computer required, controlled by integrated PLC integrated meter and probes
  • fast calibration due to the optimum procedure
  • up to 0,3% accuracy over all

Magnetic calibration: A general and overall method to calibrate assembled or party assembled devices, which is used for:

  • Magnetic gauges like power meters etc.
  • Magnet circuit brakers
  • Magnetic sensors
  • DC Motors

Process flow:

Saturate magnet with a magnetic pulse (Hsat)
Demagnetize stepwise to the required level with reverse eld (-Hcal)

Compact series

Coil plug-in connection - maximum flexibility in production

  • Compact solution with wireless coil changing system

  • Coil changing via plugs in less than 30 seconds

  • Including pneumatic piston for load / unload of the workpieces in the adapted coils

  • Integrated fluxmeter M-Flux 1000 to measure the

  • total flux after magnetization

  • Scalable energy up to 10000 Joule