A strong Partner – internationally and locally

M-Pulse is your versatile partner for all needs of magnetization, magnetic calibration and magnetic measurement of magnets and magnet systems.

With our long experiences, competitive prices and fast deliveries we support our customers on their way to new and innovative products on the very edge of magnetic possibilities. We develop tailor made magnetizing systems in close cooperation with our customers. Our products are featured with extreme currents and extreme short cycle times. Therefore we care exceptionally about durability and safety.

For the best benefit to our customers M-Pulse makes use of both its locations in Gemany, Taiwan and Singapore. The strength of our production in Taiwan and Singapore is cost cutting at a high level of reliability and quality. Lead times from Taiwan and Singapore are short due to in house fabrication of up to 80%. We build the magnetizing coils here. For the Asian market also the magnetizers are built here

Our strength in Germany is the close contact to developers and customers. As development and production location we can offer you every service of a local partner. We build the magnetizers for the European market here.

Due to our redundant workshops we can make use of each partner in case of highly loaded production.


Services of M-Pulse

As maker of magnetizing equipment we are continuously working on the question wether a magnet is magnetizable in a certain assembly. We advise for necessary changes if required. We gladly provide our consultation from the initial product-idea up to the production equipmtent. Make use of our experience!


We define ourselves as close partner of our customers.

since every customer has his very own requirements for magnetizing machines, we offer a profound consultation with every request. We always are willing to provide the best quality at low prices. Please contact us if you have doubts or questions about the possibilies of magnetization technology. We Offer a study of your design alredy with our quotation.


We quote

  • Magnetizers
  • Magentising coils and fixtures
  • Test fixtures
  • Fully automated turn key systems
  • Magnetic metrology
  • Consultation
  • Service on existing machines