M-Coil magnetizing coils

Laying out our magnetizing coils we are particularly careful in:

  • Long life time
  • Magnetization result
  • Flexible integration into customers production lines

Due to our long experience on different kinds of magnetic systems we have developed standards and methods which are able to care for Quality and predictability of our results.

Such standards are available for:

  Motors: straight poles / skewed poles
high no of poles / precise pole positionens
a ir cool / water cool 
 ... more
Magnetizing Coil
  Brakes: axial coils / radial coils Magnetizing coil
  Loud speakers: axial coils Magnetizing coil
  Sensors: multi pole, axial coils Magnetizing coil
  Magnets: axial coils / radial coils Magnetizing coil
  VCM: 2 pole axial (air coils, cleanroom)
 ... more
Magnetizing coil